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AlphaKatzz Savannahs Cattery

Incomparable savannah cats and kittens

General information

Your kitten

When you choose a kitten from AlphaKatzz as your future family member, you are ensuring that you get a kitten that:

- Is registered with TICA 

The registration of a kitten to an association (TICA, CCC, CCA/AFC...) is very important because it allows the breeder to follow up on the lines and make sure to avoid inbreeding. which would harm the health of the kittens. It also makes it possible to avoid lines that have particular problems. 

- Received her first two doses of vaccine and her dewormers

We know the effectiveness and the reasons for vaccination, but we must know that it is just as important to deworm our animals, especially kittens, to prevent them from becoming carriers of parasites that could be transmitted to humans ( zoonosis).

- Is microchipped

The microchip is an effective way to trace your animal in the event of a runaway. 

- Is spayed / neutered

Sterilization helps reduce the risk of urine marking as much as possible, as well as calling (for mating) and other unwanted behavior caused by hormones and heat. It also avoids the risk of pyometra in females, an infection of the uterus which can be fatal, and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

- Comes with 1 month free health insurance with Trupanion, which you can choose to continue

In Europe, taking out medical insurance for animals is a very widespread gesture. Here, in Quebec, it is a practice that deserves to be known. It is important to remember that, just as it is impossible to take out home insurance after a disaster

- which would therefore not be covered - animal health insurance should be taken at a young age to ensure maximum coverage and avoid exclusions for pre-existing conditions. In addition, when you insure an animal at a very young age, the insurance premium is much lower than when the animal is older.

- Has a 3-year congenital disease warranty

Yes, we also guarantee FIP (feline infectious peritonitis)

Information sur nos tarifs

Pricing & generations

Information sur nos Tarifs

Savannahs F2

from 7500$

Savannahs F3

from 4500$

Savannahs F7

from 1600$

It is important to note that the price is determined according to the characteristics of the kitten and the breed standard. The price may be subject to change until a deposit is paid for the reservation of a kitten.

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