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AlphaKatzz Savannahs Cattery

Incomparable savannah cats and kittens

Savannah kittens available

When you buy one of our kittens, you buy a piece of our heart, a piece of our life. Our kittens shared our daily life for several months. We educated the mother, we saw her becoming the beautiful Queen she was meant to be. We watched over her several days before his delivery to be sure not to miss this great event. We assisted her during her work, ensuring that our kittens took their first breath in optimal conditions. We sometimes hand fed these kittens and got up at night to make sure they had everything they needed. We cradled them (yes, yes!), pampered, handled, cuddled, loved. We played with them. They are our precious little ones.

The price of a kitten is determined by its type, but it is also influenced by the health tests carried out and the quality of care given to parents and kittens. And I must mention that it is one of the most important factors in the physical and psychological health of your future kitten. 


When "shopping" for a kitten, take the time to ask the breeder questions, take the time to write to us. We will answer you with great pleasure. A virtual visit of the cattery is always possible.  

With tough economic times, many unethical breeders (commonly known as backyard breeders) have sprung up, along with many scammers. It is often easy to unmask them by questioning them and asking to see the kitten "in real life" (virtual or face-to-face). 

****New litter of 9 (yes 9, you read well !!) SBT kittens from
Skye X Valentino! 9 gorgeous kittens, 5 males and 4 females. Individual pictures and description coming soon!**** 

Yuna X Valentino F7 SBT Litter

**Abélie - available** 
**Félicia - available** 
**Heidi - available** 
**Marcus - reserved** 
**Darwin - reserved** 

Fidji X Valentino's F4 SBT Litter

**Micky has found his family** 

Micky is a gorgeous F4 male with very contrasted markings and a very promising type. he has a calm and discret personality, even though he loves to play.

**Cosmos has found his family** 

Cosmos is a beautiful male of a very promising type with dreamy long ears. He's already very curious and very active! He needs to play to spend that extra energy. 

Kittens from previous litters

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