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AlphaKatzz Savannahs Cattery

Incomparable savannah cats and kittens

Our Queens

Kaliska, F1

Kaliska, F1

Kaliska, F1

Kaliska is a first generation female with an exceptional temperament. She is very affectionate, curious and intelligent. She has a face and body type very similar to that of her ancestor the serval. 

Fidji, F3

Fiji, F3

Fiji is a third generation female from British Columbia. Her father comes from a line of champions of the Netherlands. She has the very decided and energetic personality typical of high generation hybrids. Her magnificent ears, her slender physique and her very short tail are an undeniable asset for our breeding program.

Naila, F6

Naila, F6 SBT

Naila is a sixth generation female from Slovakia. She has a sweet and affectionate personality. She has large, well-positioned ears and a nice, well-defined head. She loves to play with us and bask in the sun on the catio.

Yuna, F6

Yuna, F6 SBT

Yuna is a sixth generation cat who also comes from Slovakia. She has a confident temperament. She loves playing in the water, exercising in her wheel and sharing our bed. She has long legs and well-defined spots which she passes on to her kittens.

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