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AlphaKatzz Savannahs Cattery

Incomparable savannah cats and kittens

Welcome to AlphaKatzz cattery

AlphaKatzz Savannahs

TICA Registered Savannah Cat Breeder

About Us

Quality cats and kittens

When my daughter and I adopted our first savannahs, we quickly fell in love with these active and intelligent cats. From this passion was born the dream of having our cattery and, in doing so, having the honor of participating in the development of this formidable breed, which deserves to be known. 

After a lot of work, and with help from our mentors, we are proud to be developing a breeding program in which our kittens will represent the breed standard as closely as possible. We will also surely be competing in some of the next TICA shows of our region. Feel welcome to come and meet us!

Make sure to check out TICA's website if you want to learn more about this amazing breed's standard at:

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