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AlphaKatzz Savannahs Cattery

Incomparable savannah cats and kittens

AlphaKatzz philosophy

The well-being of our savannahs above all

AlphaKatzz is an ethical cattery. All our cats are registered with Tica. These records assure you that the lineage of our cats, and therefore their family ties, are chosen with the greatest care in order to ensure healthy genetics free from health problems. In addition, our breeders are tested with My CatScan for more than 50 genetic diseases. 


At AlphaKatzz, all our cats share our daily life. Particular attention is paid to meet all the needs of our breeders and their kittens, so that they all develop a good psychological health. and may they have a fulfilling life. We also rely on flawless socialization and all our kittens are assessed individually so that they can find the best family according to their needs and personality.

Our kittens are exposed, from an early age, to the noises that are part of everyday life. They are also accustomed to different life situations, such as the bath or car rides. This gives them excellent self-confidence and helps reduce their level of stress when faced with new things. 

The personality of the savannah

A family cat

The Savannah is usually a very curious and intelligent cat. Be careful, it is not a trinket cat! It is more active and sleeps less than the vast majority of its congeners. It has bit of a cat-dog temperament and gets along very well with other animals. If you like to play with your animals, interact with them and you are ready to make certain small compromises in your environment (such as storing plants and decorations in an inaccessible place, or locking the doors of cabinets containing toxic products), you will literally fall in love with the breed. The savannah loves to climb and run. It is therefore appropriate to provide him with places where he can do so in complete safety. A few high shelves, one or more cat trees or access to a window to look outside are enrichments of his environment that cannot leave him indifferent. Can he live in an apartment? Of course! When the horizontal space is more restricted, it is always possible to arrange a larger vertical space for his great happiness. And for individuals who need to spend some more energy, it is possible to provide them with an exercise wheel, such as the Ziggydoo wheel, so that they can satisfy their racing instinct. 


When the savannah has been properly socialized at a young age, it is usually very affectionate and attached to its family. Even if some individuals do not appreciate being held in their arms (unlike others), the fact remains that they will come and lie down near their family members during a cinema session, or they will gladly come to join you in your bed to cuddle at night.

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